Food and Drink

Chefparade Cooking School - cooking classes in Prague; a variety of cuisines including Czech cuisine for foreigners

Becherovka - popular Czech herbal liquor made in Karlovy Vary
Carlsbad Mineral Waters - high quality mineral water Mattoni and Magnesia and spring water Aquila from Karlovy Vary
Czech Budweiser - the original budweiser
Mattoni Grand Drink - Mattoni-based mixed drink and cocktail recipes
Pilsner Urquell - the original pilsner from Plzeň
Prague Pubs - a fun, informative site with personal ratings of pubs in Prague's Old Town; pub database, pub crawl suggestions, Czech beer basics - online Czech cookbook (only in Czech)
Rest2000 - Czech recipes, dining etiquette, etc.
Square Meal - Prague restaurant search and reservation system with reviews of some Prague restaurants; categorized by type of cuisine
Žufánek - small, familly-run producers of typical Czech spirits and liquors from Moravia (plum brandy, pear brandy, honey liquor, etc.)

Restaurants: Prague
Ambiente - a group of several international restaurants in Prague
The French and Pilsner Restaurants in the Municipal House - an upscale French restaurant in a beautiful Art Nouveau setting on the entry level; a Czech pub downstairs, serving Pilsner Urquell and Czech specialties, live music
Hergetova cihelna - Czech and international food served in a beautiful setting with a view of the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
Il Cardinale - Italian restaurant in the Old Town, specializing in Neapolitan cuisine
Kampa Park Restaurant & Bar - a high-end culinary delight at the foot of Charles Bridge
Koliba U pastýřky - a dining experience in a typical Czechoslovak mountain cottage where the food is prepared on an open stake at the center of the restaurant and where you can hear the exotic Gypsy dulcimer music
Pizzeria Rugantino - great pizza near the Old Town Square
U Kašpárka - an excellent restaurant in Prague 10-Strašnice

Czech Restaurants Abroad
DJ's Bistro - Czech and German food and beer on draft in Concord, CA
Zlatá Praha - Czech restaurant in Astoria, NY

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