Prague Guide

Our guide to Prague is written by long-time Prague residents and covers a variety of topics from practical travel information and tips to hotel bookings and sightseeing tour reservation services. We have highlighted some sections below. Enjoy your time in our magical city!

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Visit one of Prague's many museums and galleries.

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The Prague Zoo is one of the best in the world and can be visited in connection with the Trója Chateau or the Botanical Garden.
Our popular Prague Transportation section will tell you how to get from the airport to the center, what types of tickets and passes are used in Prague and what modes of transport you can get around on. You'll also get tips on taking a taxi, parking and getting out of town by train or bus. Below are a few quick links:

Prague Metro (Subway)

Tickets and Passes

Taking a Taxi in Prague

Transport to/from the Airport
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If you're looking for something a bit different, try taking a river cruise.
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If you decide to book one, we hope you enjoy your time on the river!