Prague Movie Theatres

If your kids get tired of sightseeing, you can always take them to the movies. There are a number of large multiplexes in the Prague city center or close enough to it and they usually feature some films suited for children. There is also an IMAX theatre in Prague. Here is a list of some movie theatres that are easy to get to:

Cinema City
Slovanský dům (Na příkopě 22, metro A/B to Můstek)
Atrium Flóra (Vinohradská 151, metro A to Flóra)
Nový Smíchov (Plzeňská 8, metro B to Anděl)

Village Cinemas
Anděl (Radlická 3179/1E, metro B to Anděl)

Atrium Flóra (Vinohradská 151, metro A to Flóra)

Tickets cost around 180 CZK per adult, 130 CZK per child and 500 CZK per family.