Trips Out of Prague

We suggest spending at least two days in Prague, preferrably three, before considering a trip out of town. If you have the time, we recommend taking a day trip or even an overnight trip to enjoy a different part of the Czech Republic and to see the countryside, villages and small towns outside of Prague.

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What others have said:

"My partner & I first visited the Czech Republic in 2000, when we spent 2 weeks travelling the country. We loved it so much that we visit there at least 3 times a year for 1-2 weeks at a time, there are still lots of towns etc. for us to discover & we eventually hope to put up roots & move out there permanently."
Malinda, England

"The country is stunning - it knocks you flat. It's hard to get your jaw off the ground in Prague alone, but you must make an effort to see the rest of the Czech Republic. It is a jewel box."
Tony, Australia

"Personally I like small towns and cities rather than the capital. Because they are quiet yet modern and full of nature. My favourite places in the Czech Republic are Špindlerův mlýn (ski resort), Hradec Králové (a city 101 km from Prague) and Poděbrady. But once again I would like to say that the whole country is so full of beauty and nature that it is so difficult to tell your favorite places..."
Shani, Pakistan