Your Czech Republic 2010

Did you just come back from the Czech Republic? Have you ever lived here? Are you living here now? What are your thoughts and experiences? Post them here!

Dave (England), February 10, 2010
Teresa, I agree with everything you said but I'd like to ladd to your list of "bests" . Czech bread and Czech Transport (well at least here in Ostrava). I've lived here for nearly three years and consider moving here to retire one of our best ideas ever. I am certainly a fan of all things Czech. I struggle with the language but people are very helpful when I try to pronounce the unpronouncable. Czech has certainly become my home and my wife and I are very happy here.

Manoj (India), February 8, 2010
its very good

Helen (England), February 5, 2010
Lived here fore 3 months from beginning of March 2000 til end of May 2000, nurse exchange programme, with friend and fellow nurse Jackie, absolutely loved it here, we were treated as if we were natives, we ate with the czechs and drank with the czechs. Enjoed the ex-pat scene - check out the James Joyce, O'Ches and loads of Irish Bars - all lovely, will look after you. Prague will cater for all walks of life if you've come here for stag or hen nights this is your place, if you've come to admire/appreciate the architecture this is your place. If you want to take it easy or go mad - this is your place.
Only one regret........leaving there!!
But will be back soon - infact only 2 days to go whoop whoop (have been back several times in meantime)
Have fun
Come back

djtewhiu (Australia), January 12, 2010
I spent a couple of months in Czech in March/April 09 and can highly recommend to all! Whilst I had travelled in Europe previously, Paris, London, Amsterdam etc the experience in Cesky was like no other... great people, culture, food, beer and the local liquer (slivovice/meroonkovice- sp?) were special. Architecture in Praha, Hluboka, Krumlov, Brno, Karlovy Vary, Olomoc etc was like something from a dream. I was fortunate to see Ice Hockey (Go Slavia Praha!- the closest thing to Aussie Rugby) and hiking in mountain regions like South Bohemia was beautiful. Apart from a pickpocket in Wenceslav Square the people were most kind and welcoming. Dekuji Cechy!