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Czech Visa and Residency Requirements

Czech Visa and Residency Requirements

We have received many questions over the years regarding Czech visa, residency, and citizenship. The following links can provide some useful answers. For further information, please contact your nearest Czech embassy (see the list) or consult a professional regarding your particular situation.

The links below will take you to the website of the Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs where you can find detailed information on each topic.

Countries with Visa Waiver Regime
A list of countries that do not require a visa for tourism to the Czech Republic.

Permanent Residency and the Immigration Visa
Czech Republic permanent residency eligibility and requirements, and the residency permit application procedure.

Information on Visas
Visa for stay up to 90 days, transit visa, airport visa, visa for study, employment and other long-term visas.

Employment of Foreigners
Information on the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic and the employment permit.

Export and Import of Non-Commercial Goods
Export and import regulations, customs duties, duty-free import into the Czech Republic (tobacco, alcohol, etc.).