Public Transport Schedules

You can look up the schedules and connections for Prague public transport, public transport in other Czech cities, and trains and buses in the Czech Republic and Europe at The form looks like this:

Public Transport Schedules - Online Search

From: Enter the name of the city/stop/station of origin, e.g. Praha or Malostranska (you don't have to use Czech diacritical marks).
Note: The Petřín funicular covers the following stops: 'Ujezd LD' (bottom of the hill), 'Nebozizek' (middle of the hill - Nebozízek Restaurant) and 'Petrin LD' (top of the hill).
To: Enter the name of the city/stop/station where you'd like to go, e.g. Kutna Hora or Muzeum.
Via: You can leave this field blank.
Category: You can skip this.
Date: Enter the date of your travel in the DD.MM.YYYY format.
Time: In the 24-hour format, enter your earliest preferred time of departure or arrival (check the appropriate option).
Type: If you want to take a direct train/bus/tram, check the 'direct' option. If you are willing to transfer, choose the 'max. number of interchanges' you are willing to make. Note that direct connections don't always exist. If you are not sure, keep the default option.
Search: Click 'Search' to get your results. On the results page, use the "previous - next" arrows on the bottom right to see earlier or later connections.