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Spring Weather in the Czech Republic


Dusk around 6:15 p.m.
Spring usually begins in the second half of March when temperatures no longer tend to drop below freezing, the snow starts to melt in most areas, and the first flowers appear. It can still be quite chilly and the lows often hover around 0°C/32°F or can still drop below freezing. The highs can climb to 8-14°C/46-57°F.


Dusk around 8 p.m.
April weather in the Czech Republic is unpredictable and can change from sunny to snowy in a matter of minutes. It can also get windy and temperatures can vary quite a bit. Here is what the old Czech weather lore says about the month of April:
"April is half March and half May."
"In April, up to nine kinds of weather can meet in a day."
"April weather is more capricious than a woman".


Dusk around 9 p.m.
May can be a beautiful, warm month, with temperatures at 15-25°C/60-77°F during the day. Flowers and trees are in bloom. There are three days in the middle of May (May 12 - 14) referred to as the days of the "frozen Saints" or "frozen brothers" of Pankrác, Servác and Bonifác (in Czech zmrzlíci, zmrzlí svatí or zmrzlí bratři) when it can get close to freezing in the morning. It is the last reminder of the winter past.

First Spring Walk
First Spring Walk,
March 20
Blooming Tulips
Blooming Tulips,
May 3